Wednesday, November 24, 2021

New Antenna: the Sandpiper MV 6+3

I removed the End Fed antenna after 11 years of loyal service. Today I installed the Sandpiper MV 6+3. I also replaced all coax cables. I once had a Sandpiper MV 5+3 with good results. 

In fact, it outperformed the long wire. This can be found in an old blog post. I can work from 80m to 6m including the WARC bands. 

At 80 meters, the bandwidth is narrow as expected. Only 50KHz. I chose the QRP CW portion of the band and FT8. I rarely do SSB. 

The SWR on 80 meters is 1:1.5 and on all other bands the SWR is 1:1 I did a test run on 80 meters FT8 with 10 watts output and I am quite satisfied. See the results below. 

It's still a compromise antenna but good enough for me. If you have limited antenna space, this is an ideal antenna. The antenna does not have to be placed high either. 18 inches off the ground is good.

Good reviews on too.


  1. Dat is een interessante antenne Paul, zeker voor als je geen ruimte hebt. Hoe lang is het verticale deel? Ik heb het vermoeden dat deze antenne steviger is als de Diamond CP-6 die ik ooit had. Ik ga er eens even naar zoeken op internet. 73, Bas

    1. Hallo Bas, de antenne is 3 meter lang. Gisteravond wat verbindingen gemaakt op 80 meter met 5 watt. Dat was een tijd geleden. Die Diamond CP-6 heb ik ooit overwogen maar vond de recensies niet echt overtuigend. Ik ben ook blij dat deze antenne de WARC banden heeft, want zoals je weet ben ik geen echte contest liefhebber, dus kan ik nu uitwijken in het weekend. 73 Paul

    2. Waar heb jij deze antenne aangeschaft Paul? Ik kan hem zo niet vinden in Nederland. 73, Bas

    3. Hallo Bas, ik heb de antenne gekocht in Engeland. Idd verder nergens te krijgen, voorheen nog bij Wimo in Duitsland. Link: 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Paul, I have never heard of the Sandpiper antenna product, but I did check with Eham reviews and your antenna gets top reviews. Looks like an antenna that one day I could use. I am not sure about mounting it only 2 feet off the ground as stated on the site as the snow here would cover it. Did you have to mount any ground radials when I was mast mounted?

    1. Hi Mike, I have the antenna on a small pole, not too high. I grounded the mast into the ground with a copper tube. I have connected 1 counterbalance. It works fine. All the best, keep safe, 73 Paul


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