Thursday, May 7, 2020


When I travel I always look at the roofs for antennas. It is a kind of deviation that will affect more hams. I came across this one in Helvoirt, Noord Brabant.


  1. Good evening Paul, I do the same thing but when we were back in Ontario there was lots to see regarding HF antennas but down in New Brunswick they are very far and few between....maybe that's why contacting the East coast leads to a pile up sometimes. I have been on FT8 and sent my call out and I get a huge response something I am not used too.
    73 Paul
    Have a great upcoming weekend.

    1. Hi Mike, here in the Netherlands we no more tv antennas on the roofs. All is cabled. So when I see a antenna it is likely a ham. But we have only 12.000 radio amateurs on 17 miljoen people. So it's rare to see an antenna system. In my village we have only 3 radio amateurs. Have a nice weekend too. 73 Paul

  2. Amateur radio installations are always a useful way of knowing where to find a helpful person if you get into difficulty in another country. It's nice to see a good tower like that in such a location. Unfortunately, where the UK once rather admired people with a technical interest, there is now only intolerance and complaint.

    1. Hi John, it's in the Netherlands also a problem when you put up a tower like this. It's not allowed to extend 5 meters high. You need a building permit, which can be turned down. I tried to stay stealth, now I have only a end fed wire for HF. My neighbours are happy now I have take down my 2 meter antennas. They tolerated my antennas so far. Have a nice day, 73 Paul


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