Monday, May 18, 2020

20 meter late at night

WSPRLite runs now for over 4 days with 200 mW. It’s funny to see that conditions on 20 meter are better at the end of the evening. (Red Arrow) Which I did not expected. I never listening on 20 m late at night because I did expect the band is dead at that time. 

Normally there is a drop (no spots) between 01:00 and 05:00 (SFI: 68 | 69) But last night I got spots from Europe all night SFI: 70 A:3 K: 1 (Black arrow) 

 From the menu: How to interpret the graph. DX10 is a system performance metric. 

For the DX10 graph, each data point is calculated from all your spots in the previous hour. The best 10 spots (in terms of range) are used to calculate a DX10 mean. The mean is displayed on a graph which is updated every 2 minutes. 

The DX10 graph gives a good indication of your system performance and band conditions. Note that values on this graph do not necessarily correspond directly to values in the DX10 table. 

Each point on this graph is based on your spots in the previous hour, whereas the table is based on the entire selected time period. The range statistics are calculated from the DX10 values shown on the graph. 

They are displayed as a percentage of the maximum possible range, which would be to the antipode, so half the Earth's circumference.

While WSPRLite is running over the weekend, meanwhile I was celebrating my birthday (72) with a few people with social distancing. Stay safe!


  1. Gefeliciteerd Paul! Zo een WSPRlite is toch wel interessant zeg. Dat is leuke informatie over de propagatie. Gisterenavond was wel extreem. Rond middernacht waren de condities zelfs op 10m nog zeer goed richting oost=europa. 73, Bas

    1. Hallo Bas, dank je wel. Ja, het is toch wel leuk speelgoed. Normaal luister ik niet meer op 20 meter 's avonds laat, maar dat is nu toch wel interessant om dat wel te doen. Zo zie ik ook een dip om ongeveer 8 uur 's morgens. Om 5 a 6 uur stijgen de condities, maar dan om 8 uur gaat ie even helemaal naar beneden. Om na 9 uur weer op te klimmen. 73 Paul

  2. That little gadget is working great and as you said it's giving you some very surprising information regarding the bands. Julie and I want to pass along our birthday wishes to you and your looking great! Have a fun and safe celebration Paul.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you very much. My wife took this picture of me yesterday. We went to the beach with my 2 youngest children and their partner to celebrate my birthday at the beach club. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul. Just wait until the geomagnetic field becomes more lively - then you will see interesting things in the dead of night, especially so in winter.

    Well, happy birthday, and I hope to look that good in 21 years' time!

    1. Hi John, I can't wait for improving propagations to come. Thank you for the birthday wishes. 73 Paul


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