Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Back from Bali (not Amateur Radio)

We had a vacation on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Now we are back and hopefully without the coronavirus.


  1. Mooie foto !
    73, Ron PA2RF

    1. Dank je Ron. Ik neem nooit meer radio spullen mee op vakantie maar wel mijn foto gear. Ook een hobby van mij. 73 Paul

  2. Good evening Paul, getting away with the family is always a very relaxing time and a time to recharge the batteries. As for Corona if your family is in good health and I assume you are all young then it's a flue bug. This seems to be a very contagious bug that spreads very fast and if you do get it just stay home until it passes. This way no one who is vulnerable gets it. For the next 12-day just be attuned to any symptoms that may appear and see your health professional. In my humble opinion this bugs issue is that is can spread very fast thus it can affect the vulnerable but if you are diligent and have an issue but stay home until it passes all is good. Anyway that is my paramedic speech out of the way. Welcome home and back to the day to day :))

  3. Hi Mike, we are in good health here. There were no cases of corona reported in Indonesia so far. In the Netherlands is a small outbreak (origin in Italy) of coronavirus. But I think it is like any other flue, but people are very afraid of this virus. I think of all media attention. Bali is a very beautiful island. Very nice people too. Our two children and partner were also with us. So we had a great time there. 73 Paul


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