Sunday, August 19, 2018

SIM31 on 20 meter

It was pretty busy with SIM31 (a very sensitive psk31 version) on 20 meter. Though SIM31 can be used on all HF bands, most activity will find place on 20 meter (14067 KHz). It looks like more people get fed up with FT8. They return slowly to other modes as well. SIM31 newest software can found at and it’s free. Today I made some QSO's with SIM31. Best distance was RV6F 2950 km. Condx are very poor at the moment with a SFI of 67.


  1. It's funny, but seeing that SIM31 screen grab, it actually looks interesting in comparison to FT8!

    I think you are right about people losing interest in FT8, because SIM31 was launched quite a long time ago, had a brief period of people experimenting with it, and then it completely vanished.

    FT8 is very useful for brief propagation windows on the higher HF and VHF bands, but it really does lack any 'soul'.

    1. I still use FT8 but I must admit that it is losing it's attraction for me. I think that more people will return to the "old fashion" modes again. 73 Paul


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