Friday, February 23, 2018

A new era?

We are at the beginning of a new era. FT8 has changed everything in a short time. Users of CW, SSB and other digimode users have decreased by 20%. 

Since June 2017 the use of FT8 has increased explosively by 55%. Only RTTY users will continue for now. Which is incomprehensible to me. 

I even heard FT8 users on 2 meters. Usually 2 meter is abandoned, only repeater users but also not much. There is now hope for VHF enthusiasts. I think you can make nice QSO’s with FT8. 

Anyways, what will be the situation in about another six months? Will FT8 still be very popular? Or does Joe Taylor have any new surprises in store for us? Who can tell?

2 meters Wednesday. G8GXP distance 436 km with only my 2m vertical.


  1. Hi Paul
    I tried FT8 for a short time. Firstly I had some problem getting the power and audio settings right. Never had a problem with PSK31 or other modes with the same setup but problems with FT8!
    Secondly its a mode that has no soul. For me its too automated, you don't find anything out about the other station, just a signal report. I know on psk31 people used macros to send information, but sometimes you could have a chat on the keyboard. Its not possible with FT8. i am sure its clever software but its not for me.

    73 Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I know your point of view and for 6 months it was the same for me. It troubled me that I couldn't find the right adjustments for FT8. A little frustrated I was against FT8. But now I read a very good manual by ZL2IFB. That opens my eyes. Now everything works fine. With PSK31 qso's they are really short nowadays. Also CW, most of the time 599 TU. Or phones: 59 73 QRZ? Only some rag chew on 80 meters still. The advantage of FT8 is a sensitive mode with a lot of users and DX. Just now when the sun activity is very low. I still will use CW because I will not lose my skills. ;-) It took a lot of effort to learn CW. 73 Paul

  2. Hallo Paul, ik heb een tijdje met PSK31 gewerkt zo rond 2003. Ik gebruikte 500 mW of 1 watt. Dat ging prima.
    Het bijzondere aan CW en SSB is, dat je het signaal kan horen. Wanneer het signaal stopt, is het jou beurt. Daar door heb je het gevoel van contact. Dat mis je echt bij digitale signalen. Dat maakt een groot verschil. 73, Bert

    1. Hallo Bert, ja, dat ben ik helemaal met je eens. CW blijft toch ook wel mijn ding.Ik heb dat als eerst geleerd en met mijn A machtiging, zoals dat heette, werkte ik 90% CW. Ook meteen met elektronische keyer. 73 Paul


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