Thursday, October 5, 2017

F8WBD Dick on 20 m

I heard Dick F8WBD in QSO with OH7QR. I made it visible with CWSkimmer. Dick's signal was about 559 with QSB. The frequency was occupied by OH7QR and after this QSO I couldn't find Dick on 20 meter. Earlier this morning I did work UA6HX Sergej with 5 watts CW. My report was 449. In the afternoon condx on 20 meter was pretty good. My WSPR 5 watt signal was heard in VK, JA, USA, Canada and 9K2.


  1. Hi Paul. Been using my HW-8 recently at 1 watt. No USA contacts though the RBN has spotted me into NE USA. Put my Argonaut 509 back on the desk today. Glad you heard me. 73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick, it's always nice to hear a fellow blogger on the air. I do not hear you very often, so this time I got you. I made a screen recording and made it visible too. As you know I like the Argonaut, it 's a very good transceiver. Till next time, 73 Paul


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