Sunday, May 7, 2017

Propagation Asia 17 meter

Today conditions on 17 meter were very good to Asia. I received a lot of Japanese stations with JT65A. Here was DU1IST 59 with SSB, though he does have a nice antenna park. ;-) On 20 meter I couldn’t hear any DX at all. I tried JT65A on 6 and 10 meters, but with no success.

For listening I use sometimes WebSDR Twente University in the Netherlands. But... sometimes the receiver is very good and better than my receiver (antenna), so I transmit with my own rig and listen out on webSDR. There is a little delay in signal transfer, but it's usable to make a qso that way with CW and/or phone. Because of city QRM here at my place I can't hear very weak stations. I think the antenna situation of the WebSDR is much more better and less city QRM.

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