Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I've done something rare

I've done something I rarely do. I made QSO’s with phone. Last night I worked on 40 meter SSB: MJ/PA9JO from Jersey. I put out 100 watts into my HyEndFed antenna and get a 59 +20dB report. Jo was also very loud here.

Also worked on 40 meter OK2BIQ Janek from Chech Republic, he gave me a 59 +20dB report and I did work 3Z7ØAR from Poland.

I found out that I can tune my HyEndFed for 80 meter from 3700 KHz to 3800 KHz. Normally I tried to tune in the lower end of the 80 meter band for CW or digimodes. But that was impossible. I was pleasantly surprised I could tune in the higher end of the band. So I worked on 80 meter with SSB: GS3PYE/P from the Isl. of Arran. (See photo below)

Also worked the special station DL2017TDF (Tour de France) from Dusseldorf.

Now the summer season is coming (it’s still pretty cool for the time of year) the 20 meter band can be open late at night. Monday night I could work around 11 pm UTC.

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