Saturday, May 14, 2016

Estonia on 6 meter

It's a little quiet here, since the HF antenna is down. Only the 6 meter antenna is available. I tried some WSPR on 6 meter but I was never spotted anywhere. Today when I was monitoring the 6 meter band I heard JT65 signals. So I fired up JT65HF and saw ES6DO (Neil from Estonia – 1461 km) was calling CQ. He was -15 dB at that time. We exchanged -15 dB | -07 dB. Than his signal dropped to -23 dB and a minute later he was gone. JT65A is too slow for Es propagation. CW does a better job. But I was glad to make a qso again. See what’s coming up next. Now I see YO3GXC with -23dB working a German station.

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