Monday, April 11, 2016

40 meter JT9

I prefer JT9 over JT65. Why? There is more space with JT9 and the bandwidth is 5 times smaller than JT65. Yesterday I was working SV6 station with JT65. Suddenly a Russian station is calling just upon the frequency I was working on. He can see that I am doing a QSO. Why interfere? Yes, the QSO with Greece has failed. That's the problem with JT65, too many stations in the 2 KHz window. With JT9 I worked KØKUK on 40 meter this morning from Milaca, Minnesota. He was running 20 watts into a GP. I was running 20 watts too. Reports: -19 dB # -23 dB. Distance: 6606 km.


  1. Good catch into the USA mid-west. I really, really have to get involved in running digital. Gets a bit tiring calling CQ in the cw mode. No responses, then I shut down. If I went digital, I guess I could let the rig run unobserved and be able to do other things. Day and night. Like G3XBM.
    73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick, when the sun activity will decrease in the coming years, QRP will be hard to do. WSPR is very nice to do, 5 watts or less in enough. I do not use CAT control, I was never successful to hook up the transceiver with CAT. So I use a simple set up with a speaker and using VOX for all my digi modes. Look at this video how to do it.
      All you have to do is install WSPR software or/ and FLdigi for other digi modes. And install Dimension 4 to synchronize your PC clock. That's it, that's the I do it. ;-) 73 Paul PC4T

    2. And I use also no interfaces. All I do use is 2 separate cheap USB sound cards because when using direct on your internal sound-card it could damage your internal sound-card when using too much power. But you need 2 free USB ports.

    3. Hallo Paul, geef mij ook maar JT9 hoor. Alleen op 30m en 60m gaat JT65 nog wel, daar is het vrij rustig. Op andere banden is het gewoon een gekkenhuis. Ik heb tot nu toe nog niet gehad dat er iemand ineens op mijn freq. CQ begon te roepen terwijl ik met een QSO bezig was. Maar heb het wel bij anderen gezien. Zeer irritant. Mooi plaatje van K0KUK :-) 73, Bas


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