Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Highest band possible

I try to work on the highest band possible. I will avoid too crowded bands. With JT65A on 20 meter there is hardly free space to work. So I search on 10m even when the sun will be inactive for the coming years. I will look for Es on 10 meter. But 15 meter is also a very nice DX band. Or 17 meters. On the screenshot you will see a short JT65 signal. Only a few seconds, and the signal is gone. Typical for Es. No decode. Later this afternoon I spotted PD1HTW Herman on 10 meter. He lives 88,7 km away from my QTH. Signal strength between -24 dB and -16 dB.
I still use JT65-HF vs so now and then. I like the program very much.

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