Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 statistics

Here are my statistics for 2015. First thing I noticed is that PSK31 is still the most used mode by me. This includes SIM31 mode. I did not expect this really. The SSB scores is because of the PACC contest in February. JT65 is less this year because it’s too crowded on that 2 KC bandwidth. And with QRP is difficult to make a QSO. JT9 is more popular for me. Small bandwidth and yet enough space. Excellent for QRP work. I made a few RTTY QSO’s, but really I don’t understand why it’s so popular in use. Too insensitive when you compare with other digital modes, very wide, noisy to hear, you have to use always QRO to work DX. Maybe it’s a bit nostalgia… And then CW, oh, I should work more CW. It’s good for keeping the skills alive. But around the QRP calling frequencies it’s rather quiet. Sometimes I move up to work others. I avoid the DX window on the ham bands. Most of the time DX stations won't hear me. Conclusions: 1 QSO a day keep the doctor away. Average of 0,98 / day; DXCC:  total of 54 DXCC. No new ones this year. 


  1. Hallo Paul, en op alle banden wel wat gewerkt. Toch niet gek. Ben wel benieuwd hoe je het er dit jaar vanaf gaat brengen met maar 1W? Tenminste als je dat nog van plan bent...73, Bas

    1. Hallo Bas, dat 1 watt verhaal probeer ik wel te doen. Want het is leuk om te zien hoe dat gaat. Maar ale er echt niets lukt met 1 watt dan schakel wel iets omhoog. 73 Paul


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