Thursday, October 1, 2015

WSPR 160 m

WSPR 160m best DX GM4OAS 829 km.


  1. OK Paul. Is your blog graphic background an old rangefinder 35mm camera? Looks like flash attachment on top and aperture or speed dial to it's left ??? 73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick, I don't know, because this is a Blogger picture. ;-) But I think your right. I like the retro camera's. Nowadays Fuji X series, and Leica does have retro look camera's. This picture shows a aperture ring and shutter speed ring on the lens. Th knob on top... I don't know. 73 Paul

    2. I have a small collection of cameras. 4x5 wood view camera (sheet film) couple of "pinhole" cameras (cameras without a lens). My collection, mostly regular 8mm old movie cameras. Bolex the best. Very difficult to find 8mm film stock...and processors.


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