Thursday, September 17, 2015

WSPR 40m and RTTY

WSPR 40m early this morning. Took advantage of the grey zone.

On 20 meter I had a nice CW QRP qso with EA7JUK. He gave me 559 (QSB) but he came in with 599, very strong.

I do not work very often with RTTY but I heard II1IABH on 40 meter so I worked him. Nice QSL card.

On 20 m I worked II9IAVE with RTTY


  1. Hi Paul. See you have had some nice mixed mode contacts. Yes, those are very classy marine-theme QSL cards. They have always been my favorites. 73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick, I like those cards very much, because I grown up in the Netherlands biggest naval seaport Den Helder. My father was a navy man. That's why. 73 Paul


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