Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Major Solar Storm

This one is heavy. I haven't seen such storm in a long time. Okay, then something else. How my radio adventure started. Back in the sixties I was hit by a 'radio virus' it was incurable they said. And they were right. My first 'serious' radio was a Koyo with a real s-meter! Wow. Here started my SWL career. I made a long wire antenna about 10 m long. But the first stage was overdriven. Too much noise. Best reception with the telescope antenna.

First broadcast stations. But then I heard people talking, what was it? Ham radio. After a couple a years I needed a better receiver. Here it was... a Trio receiver. I was bitten twice, but now much more serious.

Since then I was hooked. After 50 years still listen to ham radio. The Trio receiver was a very nice one. I still love it.

Update WSPR:

With 1 Watt WSPR on 10 m this afternoon.


  1. Hi Paul. That Trio is a beautiful looking analog receiver. If you still have it, lucky you. If not, at least you have the memory. Good WSPR on 10M. Maybe one of these days.............73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick, I sold both of them a long time ago. Despite the Solar Storm and radio black out, there was still Es on 10 meter. 73 Paul

  2. Hallo Paul, toch mooie ontvangers. Zoals je weet heb ik ook nog eind zestig/begin 70 die Koyo gehad. Een pracht apparaat met 2 telescoopantennes. Toen ik deze foto zag kwam alles van vroeger weer terug. Een mooie tijd. Nachtenlang zat ik te luisteren naar verre DX en zendamateurs. Die Trio is overigens ook een dijk van een ontvanger. Leuk dat je er weer aandacht aan schenkt. 73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Hallo Hans, als ik die foto's weer zie dan is het als de dag van gister. Ja, een mooie tijd toch wel. 73 Paul


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