Thursday, January 8, 2015

F8WBD again

Today I came across Dick F8WBD on 20 meter. I heard him call CQ. I was all day QRV at 14060 KHz. One way or the other I had the feeling to meet him today. Isn't it strange? His signal was really good, at the end some QSB. It is the second time we met. Last time was in 2011. I messed up the suffix, I always must take a good look. Hi. Thanks for the nice qso Dick, till next time.


  1. Great to do it again, Paul. Look for me on QRP freqs from St. Raphael next week. Don't know what band the MP-1 will do best on. Probably none. I will have the FT-817 with me. 20M maybe 17M. 73 Dick.

    1. Hi Dick, I will look for you next week. which freq. are you using on 17m? 18.096 Mhz? 73 Paul

    2. any band that I manage to load will find me near the QRP) calling frequency. I think 10,096 is correct for 17M. We have arrived but I'm not set up yet. 73 Dick

    3. Hi Dick, I keep an eye on this freq. 73 Paul


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