Monday, May 12, 2014

The PAØ call

Several years ago I changed my old call sign PAØPSY (and my first one) into PC4T and a few others. (PA9B | PH0TO) but they changed suddenly the rules. When changed you can't get the old call sign back. WTF. If I had known I would not have changed my call sign. Now they will withdraw this rule. At the end of this year I can go back to my first and old call sign again. [link]

Next question: should I? I made a lot of contacts with the PC4T call sign, also they know me by blogging. And now everyone can get a PAØ call sign, it's not special any more. So I tend to stick to the PC4T call sign.

Still in


  1. Ga je PA0PSY weer aanvragen Paul? Het zal wel weer even wennen worden voor ons, 73, Bas

    1. Dat weet ik nog niet zeker. Maar het zou vreemd zijn als iemand anders mijn oude call zou gaan gebruiken.


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