Wednesday, May 21, 2014

That's it

No spectacular show on 10 meter and 6 meter today. Though, I was spotted in Australia on 10 meters by VK5MR (-17 dB) distance: 15.844 km; and on 6 meters in Morocco CN8LI (-14dB) distance: 2267 km. If you see the reports, I could make it with 500mW. Running WSPR 5 Watts

On 6 meter CW I worked EA6SA Josep from the Balearic Islands, we met every year here on 6 meter band.


  1. Hi Paul:
    Good to see that you are still active and enjoying the Radio/Blogging etc...
    Keep up the good work with the Wspr - I am afraid I do not get the time for the Blogs like I used to - Other interest's and activities - I have expanded my station here with new VHF stuff and a new IC7100 which is very nice indeed - been experimenting with antennas/modelling, but still very active on the bands - also now involved with the running of our local club M0GZN (SEE QRZ.COM) we will be running a special event station at the end of June GB1PF do look out for us!

    Enjoy the Radio
    Peter G4NKX

    1. Hello Peter, indeed long time no see. But you are doing well. Well, my activities are less with ham radio. Doing some WSPR most of the time. Or other digi modes. But also, same as you, another activities like photography and filming. I will look out for your special event station at the end of June. Hope to work your station. 73 Paul


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