Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And again

Yesterday 10 m was in a very good shape again. I made 2 qso's with 500mW JT9. First RW3TP 2537km report -13dB, second KK4ISJ 6596km report -25dB. If I told such a story 20 years ago that I made 500mW qso's over more than 6000km they will laugh at me. Yes, Joe Taylor did a great job. Today propagation is poor, but you'll never know...


  1. Good morning Paul, (got the name right this time) very good contact with QRPp. I have been trying to get WSJT-X program going and so far it has been a slow process. I don't want to spend to much time at it……..time just gets away from you and I find it has been a waste of a day.

    1. Hi Mike, yes it's fun to work QRPp and 10 meters is a good place to dwell. The JT software is very nice piece of technology. 73 Paul

  2. Gaaf Paul, met JT9 en maar 500mW de States werken!
    Ja, die Joe Taylor heeft voor ons het QRP werken een hoop mogelijkheden gegeven.
    Dat hadden inderdaad toch vroeger echt niet verwacht.
    Goed weekend en 73 Hans, PE1BVQ.

    1. Hallo Hans, ik ga nu de stats bijhouden van mijn 500 mW WSPR. Nu de Solar piek nog mooi is, is het ook leuk om te zien hoe dat straks in het minimum zal zijn over pak weg 5 a 6 jaar. Fijn weekend, 73 Paul


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