Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Special call

What makes a special call special? For me it is only when that call is unique. When there is only one of it. Now we have the Olympic Games. Maybe fun for those who like sports. But not for me. I try to avoid my television for 2 weeks. When I put on the set I receive a lot of Russian Special Calls because my first hop is right in the middle of Russia. They are all over the bands. And huge pile ups too. Come on, guys. What in heaven makes that special? Most of them aren’t in Sochi, but in Moscow for instance. I just worked one R2014 station, and I have no intentions to work hundreds of them.
Something else: I do have the new logbook. It seems to be working fine, but why do I get all those confirmation messages in the mailbox? With the old logbook I didn’t get all those messages.


  1. Hi Paul
    I worked one of the Russian special Olympic calls on the weekend. I didn't know there were so many of them. Special events are ok but it's just 59 QRZ? Better to have a real QSO I think!

    73. Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin, check DX cluster, and I think 60% are Russian special calls. Hi 73 Paul

  2. Heb ook helemaal niets met de Olympische spelen en vooral niet met de SES aktivaties. Ik heb gisteren het log van 2012 bij wijze van test ge-upload naar Het zag er wel goed uit. Maar op extra mail zit ik ook niet te wachten.
    73, Bas

    1. Hallo Bas, dan ben ik gelukkig niet de enige... ik kan niet echt warm lopen voor al die sport dingen de hele dag. Ja, die mailtjes begrijp ik niet. Ik gooi ze nu ongelezen weg. 73 Paul


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