Thursday, January 23, 2014

New log book

What about the new log book of It looks good and what I like most: it shows the worked DXCC (countries) I started the log book in October 21 , 2009. 127 DXCC, while my own record is 130 since I started after a very long period of absence in 2008. Never mind, I am no real DXCC chaser after all.

This morning I was WSPR-ing on 6 meters, for perhaps winter Es. But no spots on 6 meter today.


  1. I also like it very much! My DX numbers on this new log are 95. They display very nicely in this new format!

    1. Hi John, only one thing, I can't ad a new entry in my new logbook. There are some bugs yet who has to be solved. I let know about this problem. They try to fix it. 73 Paul


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