Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just a normal day

Started with QRP on 20 meter (14.060 MHz) - I did work R2ABT (see photo) from Moscow, first his signal was not strong, just above noise level. Later on his signal was 559. A nice 2 way QRP contact. Also with SQ9HHZ from Poland. With JT9 I worked OE1DXA and LY2CV on 14.078 MHz


  1. Mooi toch! Hoeveel vermogen gebruik je met JT9? Ook QRP? 73, Bas

    1. Hallo Bas, met JT9 gebruik ik in principe 5 watt. Dat werkt prima. 73 Paul

  2. It's great to work a 2 way QRP QSO and interesting to see how his signal was first at the noise floor and then came up.

  3. Mooie verbindingen Paul. Lekker QRP, das echt genieten! 73 Hans, PE1BVQ

  4. Hello Paul,

    I was able to work "Santa" today on 10 meters and I'm also hearing your part of the world. I'll be listening for you on both 10 and 20.


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