Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I worked Wayne K1CF this morning on 40 meters with JT9. I worked him before on 80 and 20 meters with JT9. On 160 meter I was spotted by F6DSV with JT9, that's 1021 km. No other activity on 160 meter so far. I called a few times CQ without results. On 20 meter I heard OD5PY calling CQ. He didn't answer my return. Also I wasn't spotted on 20 meter. Bad propagation at that moment for me. Normally is 20m the best band for me and my end fed long wire.


  1. Good morning Paul, yes conditions seem to be very up and down these days for sure.

  2. Als ik het zo lees is JT9 aardig populair aan het worden. Leuke contacten heb je gemaakt. Zat gisterenavond nog even te luisteren en hoorde op alle HF banden wel wat. 73, Bas

  3. Hi Paul. I like your new heading. Very clean and attractive. 73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick, thank you. I was inspired by your blog. The same cleanness. ;-) There is nothing special going on here. Busy with a lot of non-radio issues. Only 3 qso's (2 with CW and 1 with JT65) and enjoying the calm autumn weather. 73 Paul


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