Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What means fair conditions? On 20 meter I heard no SSB at all, 5 CW stations, a few PSK31 and 1 JT65A. Oh boy. Maybe I take the FT817 with me to the South of France. It depends of how much space is left in the car. I do have a 20 meter whip antenna and a 6 meter whip. For CW I take the old Junker straight key. Good for 15 wpm. I cannot go faster with a straight key. I am spoiled by electronic keyers.


  1. Hallo Paul,

    Tijdens mijn vakanties is er altijd plaats voor mijn 817. Ik zou niet eens zonder kunnen hi.
    Alvast een prettige vakantie in Frankrijk en een behouden reis.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Hallo Hans, ik heb de FT817 plus toebehoren al ingepakt in een kleine doos. Daar heb ik wel plaatst voor. 2 whip antennes mee, plus een 20m end fed. Alleen QRV op 20 meter. Jij ook een fijne vakantie, 73 Paul

  2. I never understood the meaning of fair, either. I always found fair and poor conditions to be about the same. If you have an antenna for your car, you could operate portable from it and not worry about finding antenna space in the crowded south of France. 73

    1. Hi Dick, to be frankly, I do have a car (sorry, the XYL) and I do not have a drivers license either. I bring up the issue of having a rig in the car, but she don't like ham radio in the car. So... I'll have to do it with my whip antenna or end fed, I did work Spain with this 20 m whip antenna with 2,5 W indoors with a low solar flux of 70. With the 6 m whip I worked Italy indoors situation. Si I am curious what I can work from France. 73 Paul


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