Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Audio messed up

After installing WSJT-X 1.1 all my audio of my ham software (such as WSPR, JT65A, Fldigi, RCKskimmer, CWskimmer etc) settings were messed up. With the new version of WSJT-X 1.1 itself the audio was too strong and it was necessary to bring down the audio slider almost to zero. Finally I replaced the old version of WSJT-X vs 1.0 r3323 and everything is back to normal, after reset the audio settings of my ham software.

Conditions are poor again. On 40 meter almost nothing to hear. On 20 m I did hear 4 ssb stations over the entire band. I managed to work S573DX with 5 watts SSB on 20 meter.


  1. Good morning Paul, I can sure understand how at times with a computer you think you are getting something better.....but to only find out your in worse shape. As for sound card programs there are some programs out there that store individual sound settings for each program. I just have a file folder with a WSPR, RTTY and JT65A as files. I double click on the file and it sets up the PC sound card for that setting.
    The one I use is Quikmix and it works great.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for the hint. I surely will take a look at it. 73 Paul


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