Saturday, June 29, 2013

1 watt WSPR

I tried 1 watt WSPR on 20 meter. I know that Bas, PE4BAS uses most of the time 1 watt with WSPR. It's a good method to see how propagation is. Here are the results of yesterday evening. It's a challenge to work with QRPp power how far we can go under poor propagation conditions.

Conditions were fair to poor last night due to another CME yesterday.

With JT9-1 I worked F8RZ and IZ0MIO also with 1 watt. I will do more transmissions with 1 watt and 0,5 W
Does anybody know what that bizarre tracks are on the screen?


  1. Good morning Paul, I too like to use WSPR and see how far one watt can go. This morning my Iphone went off informing me of an CME. At this point the K index is at 6!! Oh well just part of the whole ham radio road, for me I still try to get on the air and see what I can do.

    1. Hi Mike, today I was spotted 3200 km in Israel with 1 watt. Though HF was almost closed. Have nice weekend, 73 Paul


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