Thursday, December 13, 2012

PZTlog #2

As mentioned before on my blog, but I was too quick with my judgement about PZTlog software. Charlie M0PZT developer of this software did a great job so far. I was not happy with the Macro editor, but now it’s much, much better as you can see in the video. The problems I encountered were solved. In the video you see the compact (simple) mode of PZTlog. But you can also excess full mode. With all many features on board of PZT log, such as: a real complete log, DX cluster, Grey line map, HF solar data,, import/export ADIF and CSV data, sync with HRD logbook etc, it’s worthwhile trying. And yes, it’s free. Wishes? yes, more digi modes on board. ;-) Now only all PSK modes and RTTY. More info M0PZT.

Link to RCKskimmer.

Best DX this morning on 80 meter was KN4SA Loy from Jacksonville NC, USA with bpsk31. And CO3JA, Cuba on 30 meter. Other activities:


  1. Moet dat toch eens proberen PZTlog. RCKskimmer en dan met name het RCKcluster vind ik nog interessanter. Ga ik vanavond nog even proberen. 73, Bas

    1. Hallo Bas, die RCKskimmer is wel leuke software. Het is net even uitgebreider dan HRD de luxe. Het geeft een lijst van de ontvangen stations en tijd. 73 Paul

  2. Anonymous2/16/2020

    Since Windows 10 has gone through a lot of up[date, this software has become impossible to use. Have now moved the files to another prigrams to get it working again. Will NOT use this software, until the author corrects the errors.


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