Sunday, September 23, 2012

Social Media

I was happy to work DO7DU on 80 meter. I was running 5 watt PSK31. My antenna is not really suitable for 80 meter or lower. But I try to tune the end fed wire for the lower bands. It always does. The SWR is perfect when I tune the wire with my MFJ-925 tuner. The effectiveness of the radiation part... I don't know.

I removed the Social Media widget from my blog. I think about to disable my Twitter account also. Some of the accounts are hacked, so I get messages from others which is spam or a virus. Problem is I get this messages also on my smartphone and that's something I don't want. I do have a virus protection on my smartphone, but I don't want spam on my smartphone. Do you recognize this problem also?

Suddenly my JT65-HF 1.0.7 software wasn't working. RB wasn't working and when I want to make a CQ the software was freezing. So I removed JT65-HF from my computer and installed the latest version and now it is running again.


  1. Hallo Paul, kreeg ook spam via twitter. Maar niet op m'n smartphone, want die heb ik niet. Zit zo ie zo weinig op twitter omdat het nut ervan me nog steeds niet duidelijk is. Ik heb alleen een account om twitteraars te laten weten dat ik weer iets nieuws gepost heb. 73, Bas

    1. Hallo Bas, ik gebruik Twitter ook voor hetzelfde zoals jij dat ook doet. Melden dat er een nieuwe post is. 73 Paul


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