Monday, July 9, 2012

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Why do we blog? For sharing our radio adventures, I belief. You can tell your wife or girlfriend about it, but she will stare at you with a glazy look, so there is nothing else to do than share it with other radio amateurs or the world. Why limiting your blog to a few amateurs, while the world is waiting for your adventures. Now there is a nice sharing tool for your blog called ‘Share This’ The original Blogger widget for social media is very small and hard to see. With 'Share This' there is more choice in different kind of social media. The icons are larger and very nice. You only have to make a free account and put the tool on your blog.

Link to 'Share This'

There was an Aurora alert for 6 meter this afternoon. I tried JT65A but no takers. I put a message at Hamspot that I was QRV. It must be possible to make nice contacts with JT65 on 6 meter. After a few calls I switched to WSPR. I was spotted only by two Dutch amateurs. So I went to 17 meter because I heard AO5HT with CW. With my 20 watts he could copy me. On 40 meter I worked IK2WAS with bpsk31.

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