Saturday, April 7, 2012

Reverse Beacon Network

I removed the Opera page on my blog. It was a nice experiment, but too little activity there. So I publish my Reverse beacon Network activities, that will be mainly the QRP frequency 14060 KHz or 7030 KHz. I will monitor the band when I am not QRV myself, so I can do something in return. I was surprised what I did hear in one hour time. Even the USA this time a day. I am not sure if N2G is a correct call. I can't find it in maybe a wrong decode of Skimmer. I checked only verified calls. But if that is sufficient, I don't know.

The Solar Flux is below 100.


  1. Conditions dismal here today, Paul. Your reverse beacon stats are really quite good. Mine not up to yours. Interesting that my db rating doubled from 2 watts via sw-20 to 5 watts via ft-857. According to an "OH" station monitor.

    This reverse beacon is quite helpful to CW-only operators, like me. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, after that fantastic hour, I didn't spot anything the last 3 hours. Yes, RBN is very helpful to see how the rigs perform and where your signal is landed. 73 Paul

  3. Good evening Paul, I guess there are the up's and down's with propagation.

  4. Hi Mike, yes indeed. Suddenly propagation was worse. 73 Paul


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