Monday, April 23, 2012

JT65A window

I worked N1IPA with JT65 this morning on 20 meter. There was a guy with a very broad and distorted signal (see screen shot) my JT65-HF software couldn't decode his signal. Maybe a combination between high power and wrong ALC adjustment. Because of the popularity of JT65A the 2 KHz window becomes too small. Sometimes I can't find space for calling CQ. Later this afternoon I worked EX2B. I found this on his QRZ page:

Special notice for "digimodes" fans:

1. Please, try to be brief - I really do not need a plenty data about your age, HAM Clubs membership, equipment, antennas etc. - just RST, Name, QTH and QTH-locator.

2. Please, try to use codes, for example, I expect to receive just "TNX" instead of wasting time to get wholly spelled phrases.

3. I strongly believe that "73!" means everything like "good health", "good luck" and other things like that.

4. If you are receiving just a report (RST) from me, PLEASE send me just your report - NOTHING more! I am not very often on the air, so I am trying to use my free time to have as many QSOs as possible. Thought, sometimes I am prepared to have a more longer QSO.

It makes me think. In a way I can understand his point of view. That means I do respect someone when he gives only a report and a 73, I will do so in return. But sometimes it is confusing, when I gave a short second return I feel guilty especially with PSK. Shouldn't I behave more friendly and give more information? I don't always know what someone expect of me. It's really confusing sometimes.


  1. Hi Paul - he HAS a point - I often get into qso's especially using psk and you get everything spelled out (I worry about their PA ??) some Qso's are soo sooo predictable the rprt and station info is fine but then you get into what they had for breakfast, and the dogs names ?!?!?
    I think you just need to keep it simple, if the other station requests more info thats fine.
    Moderation ....

    73' Peter

    1. Hi Peter, one thing is sure: JT65 is perfect for short, essential messages. Just call sign, report and 73. With psk for the higher bands I use essential macro's, short and to the point. For 40 and 80 I have more information available. I tend to send short messages too. But when someone gives more info I will do so in return. A few days ago I met a German who started a rag chew, so totally working with the key board. 73 Paul

    2. Hi Paul - yes absolutely right, if the other station gives indication of wanting more I'm happy with that too and yes it is usually on 40/30m 15/10m qso's are generally short, but they all count!
      I have not used jt65 for a long while now - most of my time has been spent listening to CW - and I have been experimenting/building yagi antennas.
      73's Peter


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