Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ready for 6 meter

I put up the Diamond F61 antenna again, so I will be ready for the new sporadic E season when it starts in a few weeks or so.

It's a bit silent here, not so much playing with the radio. Today I worked on 10 meter R7GL and on 15 meter UA9AFS and IW8PQ.


  1. Hello Paul - good to see you active again - it is a timely reminder for me to get my beam up for 6m too I think the season runs from may to sept ?? I hope to make many more contacts this year - last year was a complete disaster. I have been trying new software here this week - I have Fldigi running under CAT control so will give that a trial soon, also remember digipan? well there has been some development on that and its in the new form called Airlink Express, you may already have heard of it - I have been playing with it too but as yet have not had it on air, but looks pretty interesting Fldigi looks very useful as it has a contest facility - I would'nt mind having a go at some of these "Digital Mode" contests.
    cheers for now Paul.
    Airlink -- http://www.airlinkexpress.org/


    1. Hi Peter, I still use Digipan sometimes. In a way I like Digipan because it's so simple in use. Yes, I like the 6 meter band. Mainly with CW waiting for a opening. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul,

    I also was on 15 and 10 meters this morning but was hearing almost nothing. The only contacts were Puerto Rico and Cuba which are very short distance from me.
    Perhaps the bands will pick up in a few days....good luck on 6 meters.

    1. Hi John, still no activity on 6 meter, but that can change any moment. I was surprised 10 and 15 were open while conditions in general were very poor today and the last few days. 73 Paul


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