Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I was happy to work Jordan yesterday. JY4NE from Amman on 10 meter band. It was a new DXCC for me. Also worked UN7AB on 10 meter.

And now something else: Unexplained NASA files.

Countless mysterious objects have been caught by NASA’s cameras, and usually the events can be explained logically. The Science Channel has a show premiering tonight (10 PM EDT and PDT) called NASA’s Unexplained Files, which is part of the channel’s “Are We Alone” [Source Universe Today]


  1. Nice Jordan catch. I've worked Israel a few times and Egypt once. Those are the only near-east countries I've managed to work...QRP OR QRO.

    Have a good day and hope xyl managing.

    73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick, I was using low power 30 watts yesterday. Today condx are poor again. The xyl is doing well, just one chemotherapy to go, next Monday. Have a nice day. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Paul, I was on the radio last night after dinner after checking out the DX spotting network there were some new DXCC's that were spotted. I gave them a go but I find sometimes by the time they hit the spotting network there is a large pile up. I gave it a go with my 5 watts but did not make it through. They over time went from an S7 to just above the noise floor. Oh well will give it a go again to night.

    1. Hi Mike, sometimes it's hard to come through a pile up. This morning I heard Aruba on 40 meter, big pile up and I tried for a half hour without success. When they are spotted on a DX network, then it's too late. I search often a small part of the band and wait for a DX station that shows up. I hope to be the first one... 73 Paul

  3. Mooi resultaat Paul.

    Door verhuisvoorbereidingen ligt de hobby hier praktisch stil.
    Soms aprs aan.

    73, Tjeerd


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