Wednesday, March 21, 2012

9 days ago

It was 9 days ago I made my last qso. So today it was time for some ham radio activity. OK, last night I tried to work PZ5RA (Surinam) with JT65A on 20 meter, I would be a new DXCC for me, but he didn't hear me. My last CW qso was a month ago, so time to pick up the key and keep up my CW skills. I worked on 20 meter RN6LOZ and YU7EA. No big deal, but at least I was qrv again.


  1. Hi Paul. I understand what you mean about getting active on cw again. For me the thrill of amateur radio is QRP-CW and the mile/km distance between me and the other fellow is not really that important.

    Hope your wife is doing ok.

    73 Dick

    1. Hi Dick,

      Indeed, it's all about the contact what make the hobby worthwhile. I had a nice rag chew qso with these guys. Not a 599 qso. ;-) Distance is a nice side effect of the hobby. The wife is doing OK, chemotherapy is hard, after a new dose she is for 1,5 week ill. Then for 1,5 recovering, and then the new one. But now she got 5 doses, so one to go.

      73, Paul

  2. Good morning Paul, it's so true that you have to keep on top of the CW. I have been wanting to get my contest CW speed up. When in the past I had planned to put in about a 1/2 hour per day it just did not work out. I found myself not doing it and getting further behind. now I work at it for 10 min per day in the mornings it may take me longer to get the speed up but at least I am moving forward.

    1. Hi Mike,
      I do listen daily to CW on HF. I think we will never unlearn. But the 20-22 wpm is all right for me. For qrp is a little slower better to copy. I do not work contesting with CW. The speed for contesting is most of the time faster (30 wpm) I can copy 30 wpm, but is doesn't feel comfortable for me.

      73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul:
    We've all been guilty of not putting in the time at some stage or other, I'm no different - I nipped in on 10m yesterday to test an antenna and worked 5B4 - I was pleased to work him - my previous 20 or so contacts have mostly been PSK31/63 yes I have taken the plunge with Psk63, if you get into it slowly it's not too bad...
    Keep at it . . .

    73' Peter

    1. Hi Peter, certainly is PSK63 a fine fast digital mode to work with especially on 10 or 6 meter. Do you working still with Opera? I don't hear much on 30 and 20 meter any more. 73 Paul


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