Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why do I blog

W4AC this morning with WSPR on 40m

What was my intention for blogging this way? Not to mention difficult technical essays here. A lot of other blogs are doing this perfectly. No, it is just to tell others how I experience ham radio, the qso’s I make, and how special it is, to put a ham in the spotlight. Sharing my activities with ham radio. Today I was spotted by W4AC with WSPR on 40 meter this morning. My signal was heard in Florida. Just 5 watts and my end fed wire. Though it is not a real qso, but it is still magic that my signal was decoded over the pond. I don’t need qsl cards which are going straight in a box, and I never looked at it for a second time again. No, that special moment this morning when the call sign appear on my screen. That’s enough for me.


  1. Hello Paul:
    Exactly how I feel - I have tended to keep off the "Teckkie" stuff, its mostly "about" experiences, what am I doing in Ham Radio today, who have I worked, and other related things - its about sharing your experience with like minded fellows AND "hopefully" Learn ! Today I went to see a friend of mine having troubles with jt65 Ros Opera, I am pleased to share my knowledge and he is up and running - thats good !
    Happy Days

  2. I can say no more than what you just have, best 73, Paul.

  3. Hallo Paul, ik hou van beide onderwerpen. Vooral als het gaat over antennebouw. Electronica in wat mindere mate. Maar ook het sociale aspect vind ik geweldig, evenals et werken van DX. Zo is er voor elk wat wils. Amateurradio is een heel brede hobby. 73, Bas

  4. My feelings too....hopefully to motivate others and share the excitement of the hobby.

  5. I enjoy sharing what is going on here at VE3WDM. Also if I can share via photos or YouTube video how I do something in ham radio that can be a help I enjoy that as well.

  6. @Peter: It's always nice when you can help someone out with a problem. 73 Paul

    @Paul: I keep an eye on your blog. Still in my blog list. 73 Paul

    @Bas: als je ergens goed in thuis bent dan is het goed om de kennis te delen met anderen. Daar leren we ook weer van. Zo heb ik in het begin veel steun gehad met de site van Julian. Met name de digi modes. 73 Paul

    @John: I think that's the most important thing. 73 Paul

    @Mike: indeed, I do have a Youtube channel as well for the hobby. 73 Paul


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