Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some CW qso's

I was running WSPR on 80 meter this morning but I was spotted only by one station in England. Hum... so I decided to do Opera, but nothing. Now the novelty is gone I see less participants with Opera. I went to 40 meter with the good old CW (5 watts and End Fed Wire). I called CQ and G4ZIB Tony came back for me on 7030 KHz. In the beginning his signal was strong but after a while strong QRN came up. Below you can see where I was spotted with my CQ call on 40 meter, thanks to Reverse Beacon Network.

This afternoon I had a nice qso with ON4ADI Paul from near Brugge, a very nice Belgium Town, on 40 meter and it was a 2 way qrp qso. His antenna was a magnetic loop indoors. A few minutes later I heard DK4AN Wang, he was running 100 mW and was 549 here. We made a nice qso but there was some qsb on his signal.

Also worked C51CL with 5 watt Cw on 20 meter and DJ1ZH met 5 watt CW on 40 meter. It was a good training with CW for the PACC contest this weekend.


  1. Paul,

    Reverse Beacon is een goed hulpmiddel om te zien of alles werkt, ook al is er "geent activiteit".

    73, Tjeerd

    1. Hallo Tjeerd, ja inderdaad erg handig. Kijk er soms ook naar om te zien of bekenden qrv zijn en waar. 73 Paul

  2. I think most of the Opera fans have gone to 20m.

    1. Hi Julian, the hams spread out over the HF bands. 20 meter is indeed very popular. 73 Paul


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