Thursday, January 26, 2012

SSB the underdog mode for QRP-ers

Yesterday I did worked YO6PJS Claudio from Romania with 5 watt SSB on 20 meter. He was very loud 59+ here. Several stations were calling but he picked up my qrp signal with SSB, the underdog mode for qrp-ers. Most QRP operators choose Morse as their favourite mode, which I can understand. I use my FT817 only for QRPp operations or 5 watt SSB on 10, 20 and 40 meter (and VHF/UHF) For CW and digital modes I use my FT450. Claudio gave me a 58-59 report. In principal, I can work stations which are S8 or stronger on 10, 20 or 40 meter with 5 watt SSB. I never call CQ, but I search for strong CQ calling stations. I will participate with the PACC contest in February with SSB and maybe CW, of course with QRP.

This afternoon I worked II6LN and IT9IMJ on 20 meter with SSB.


  1. Hallo Paul, als ik ooit de PACC win in de low power sectie SSB (want je moet toch een doel hebben.) ga ik daarna alleen nog maar QRP mee doen. Lijkt me een hele uitdaging. QRP SSB wil prima. Je moet alleen wel de sterkste stations uitkiezen. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, meestal gaan de oortjes beter open met een contest. En tussen 5 watt en 100 watt zit meer 12 db verschil. Als de condities maar een beetje mee zitten. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul,

    Great job with the underdog SSB contacts.

    Regards - Jim

  4. Hi Jim, thank you, 73 Paul

  5. YO6PJS have a very good antenna home made single band 3 elements Yagi. I think that if you use a good antenna also qrp is possible. Ask Claudio as made his antenna.........

    1. I will take a look at his web site, thanks, Paul


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