Monday, January 30, 2012

Opera v 1.2.1 QSO mode?

Again a test on 30 meter early this morning. Same time (almost) same power, same antenna. It could be that there are more participants with WSPR than with Opera. So I can not conclude what the best software is. As a propagation tool is WSPR still the best, because of more active stations.

I see the possibility to make auto QSO's with Opera in the new version 1.2.1 How it works, I don't know yet. But Opera is still a beta version in development. So it can be a promise for hams. Try it yourself, you can download the program here.


  1. Hallo Paul,

    Als Opera inderdaad een goed werkende QSO mode krijgt zou ik het nog interessant gaan vinden om het te gaan testen. Ik houd je blog wel in de gaten m.b.t. deze mode.

    73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, ja dat is prima, vandaag heb ik wat echte qso's gemaakt met CW en SSB op 20 meter.


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