Sunday, January 29, 2012

Opera v 1.2.0 for 40 and 20 meter

Now is also 40 and 20 meter available, HF is complete. Also 60 meter, but this band is not allowed in the Netherlands. Opera is good for checking band conditions or testing the antennas.

Can I say conditions were poor today when I was spotted in Australia with 5 watt? With Opera no DX really on 30 m. Maybe not enough users on the frequency. With WSPR I was spotted in VK. It seems that when conditions are poor, Opera fails. With good conditions Opera is a slightly better in performance than WSPR.


  1. Echt een QRSS mode zo te horen.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hallo Tjeerd, beter dan QRSS op de oude methode, daar heb ik nooit een rapport van ontvangen. 73 Paul

  3. I have never seen opera in action before...well have not really looked for it on YouTube either. But this was very interesting. The transmission time sure takes some time. As for band conditions I too did not find them great on Saturday and today things seem to be a bit noisy as well. Very nice video to as well.

  4. Hi Mike, Opera is the best QRSS software ever. It's a nice tool for checking propagation. 73 Paul


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