Monday, December 5, 2011

The only 24/7 band

At 7 o’clock I was QRV on 40 meter with PSK-31. The only band with PSK activity. Nothing on 160 and 80 meters. Also nothing on 30 meter or higher. So the only reliable band, 24 hour band is the good old 40 meter. I made one qso, IZ8DUP Enrico from Torre Del Greco, Italy. I changed my blog with a Christmas header, Christmas 20 days from now.


  1. Paul,

    Je bent er op tijd bij met de kerst.

    Wij hebben afgelopen zaterdag psk-31 gedaan onder de call pi4cgr. Was erg geslaagd en 10m ging super.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hallo Tjeerd, ja 10 meter overdag blijft leuk. De band gaat nu wel vroeger dicht. kerst header: dat komt omdat een aantal Amerikaanse blogs al in kerstsfeer waren, en dat is aanstekelijk. 73 Paul

  3. Paul, you are so right; it is 40 meters for the next several months...any mode...any power. Try my best to get this MP-1 on 40M but it won't be QRP... won't be easy either. 73 Dick

  4. Hi Dick,

    When I removed my dipole for 80/40 meter, I replaced it with my end fed with 40 meter on board. I really like the band, because at day time local short European skip and at night and early morning chance on DX. I hope you can tune your MP-1 for 40 meter. Good luck, 73 Paul


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