Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St Eustatius new DXCC for me

On 10 meter I worked with CW PJ7TM (K2GSJ) Tom on St. Martin, Saba, St Eustatius, that is a new DXCC for me. I heard him calling CQ. On 40 meter this morning I worked with CW YO2BMK and EM20V. With JT65 I worked ZU6A Adrian from Polokwane, South Africa. He was running 1 watt. We have a storm this afternoon/evening, so I wonder if my MV-5+3 will hold. Winds up to 100 km/h

Update: Before 20 meter is closing down, MUF 14,7 MHz, I did work W3BI with JT65.


  1. Nice Carib. contact, Paul. Hope your antenna stays put. My telescopic whip would bend in 2 (or 3). 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick,

    It's still stormy weather here, but the antenna still stands. Tomorrow night the second round.

    73 Paul


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