Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Again QRPp success.

The use of QRP was born out of necessity. When I blew the needles from the tree with my 200 watts PEP, causing RFI by all my neighbors, the fun was gone. But when I found out that I was heard at the west coast of the USA with 2 watt SSB, I was thrilled. The seed was sown. Now it’s a way of life, low profile, no big antennas, or big amplifiers. With JT65 and WSPR you can do a lot with low power; and really it is fun. Here are the results for today with 0,1 watt WSPR on 40 meter this morning and on 10 meter till the MUF was decreasing under 25 Mhz. On 40 meter was LA9JO 1967 km, that’s 12.213 Miles per watt. (19.650 km per watt) On 10 meter was FR1GZ the best DX. A distance of 9525 km. That’s 59.150 Miles per watt (95.190 km per watt)


  1. Good work again, Paul. We sometimes forget why we chose the QRP path. Good to remind ourselves occasionally and enjoy the spirit of it. Includes not despairing if a rare DX station doesn't respond to our wee QRP signals.

  2. Hallo Paul,

    Ik zag vanmiddag al wat resultaten op WSPR van jou voorbij komen. Geweldig en dat met 100mW.
    Zet mij aan om nog lager dan mijn 1W te gaan.

    73 de Hans, PE1BVQ

  3. Hallo Paul, ik was vandaag ook aktief met 1000mW op 10m. Oei dat is QRO vergeleken met jouw vermogen. Ik ga morgen ook op 100mW denk ik. Moet ik niet vergeten het vermogen naar beneden te zetten. Overigens ben ik bezig met het omzetten van de gegevens van de WSPR database naar ADIF formaat zodat ik het kan importeren in het logboek van HRD. Dan kan ik ook een mooi wereldkaartje uitdraaien van alleen TX gegevens. Want dat gaat nu moeilijk. Mooie resultaten overigens, ben door deze stations uiteraard ook ontvangen. 73, Bas

  4. Good morning Pual, yes QRP is great and I was very surprised how far I also could go with so little. I have a ham buddy who still is a KW pusher. He just can't understand how QRP power can make the trip....I was there too at one point. I too went to the low power because of my signal going where it should not. But that has openend some great doors in the ham radio world.


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