Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 meter again

As long cycle 24 is on it's peak, we take advantage of the wonderful F layer propagations. The next peak will be 11 years later in 2023 - 2024. Yesterday the 10 meter band was very quite. My JT65 screen was almost empty. Only few CW stations.

Suddenly I saw a VK4 station appear on my JT65 screen. Still I work QRP 5 watt with JT65. When I gave CQ VK7XX John from Tasmania came back for me. His report was -5 db, he gave me -18 db.

Theoretical he could hear me with 500 milliwatt as well. With JT65 it is possible to hear stations with -28 db. That's why I like JT65 because you can work DX with very low power.

With WSPR I was running 500 milliwatt on 10 meter. Best distance was FR1GZ with 9525 km.

Update about my XYL: The operation was successful, the edges of the wound were clean. The plastic surgeon made a reconstruction of her right breast. The oncologist suggest that she needs a chemotherapy for a half year. A TAC cure, docetaxel, Doxorubicine and cyclophosphamide. That will be very heavy. But together we are strong and we will fight against this cancer.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Hallo Paul,

    Redelijk goed nieuws over je xyl. Hopelijk doet de chemo de rest verdwijnen.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hallo Tjeerd, dat hopen wij ook. 73 Paul

  3. It won't be easy I know. Good luck to you both.
    73 Dick

  4. Hallo Paul, gefeliciteerd met het mooie QSO, had het al vernomen van je. Ik wens jullie heel veel gezondheid en sterkte toe. Alles komt weer goed. 73, Bas

  5. Anonymous12/11/2011

    Hallo Paul,

    Mooie JT65 verbinding man, proficiat.
    Ik heb nu eindelijk JT65HF ook aan het draaien via HRD - DM780. Anders had ik geen CAT-sturing tussen de FT-817 en PC. Nu nog (net zulke mooie) verbindingen maken hi.

    Ik wens jullie, maar vooral je XYL heel, heel veel sterkte toe met de komende chemo.
    Het zal moeilijk worden, maar samen sta je sterk.

    73 de Hans, PE1BVQ


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