Thursday, November 17, 2011

No takers

Impressive isn't it? Results of calling CQ with 5 watt on 20 meter CW, and JT65A on 20 m and 10 meter. Strange enough no takers. They do hear me, that's for sure. But no one came back for me. I know that with CW they are only reverse beacon stations with Skimmer software.

Only one station OE6HAD was calling CQ on 14060 KHz and made a qso with 100 watt on a QRP calling frequency. The most of the JT65A users are active. Maybe they are only looking for nice DX. Or they are just polite when they reply when I call them for a QSO.

The same with Twitter. I post a message, but it is very rare someone will reply. I do not have high expectations about it.

What about blogging? I don't know. What I do know is, that I will spend more time with the XYL (no metastatis, so that's a big relief) with my children, take a walk in the country, read more books (there is a pile of 10 books I will read) and spend time more meaningful.


  1. MW0BBU, Steve.11/17/2011

    Hi Paul,
    Do you know I had exactly the same thing as you the other day, I also was going to write a blog entry on the subject but thought " why bother" it can be somewhat de-moralising to see the long list of SWL reports.. maybe its a result of the computer age, machines do the talking.
    Best regards to all.


  2. Hi Paul. I was on 14.060 for about half hour or so. Didn't hear you. I am reported in the USA but I really think there is a lot of sophisticated softwear the monitors are using to hear me/us. I have often said, that after a time on the air with no responses, best to pick up that book or go for a walk with the XYL.

    Happy to learn she is doing OK.

  3. I mean't to add that I find more and more QRO stations on 14.060 +/-. A lot of DL stations in particular. Wish all would allow that frequency (+ or - a couple) the ability to operate all QRP.

  4. Hallo Paul, je moet doen wat je zelf leuk vind. Hobby of niet. Laat het nooit afhangen van een ander. Ik draaide gisteren nog over 40m, hoorde Indonesië en Australië keihard doorkomen. Verder niet geroepen, het was ook erg rustig op 40m op SSB hooguit zo een 10 stations. Denk dat ze allemaal lekker wat anders deden. Ben ook nog met JT65 bezig geweest, maar ik heb een tijd probleem met de computer. Dimension4 zegt wel dat hij de tijd zoveel seconden gesynchroniseerd heeft, maar de klok word niet bijgewerkt. Dus is JT65 ook volledig uit sync. 73, Bas


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