Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This holiday in the US and Canada speaks to my imagination. Thanksgiving is original coming from Europe immigrants. But we in Europe don’t celebrate thanksgiving, while we should. I am thankful for a successful surgery (Breast Cancer) of the XYL yesterday. I am happy we are still together here and now.

Yesterday I worked ON3TA with psk-31 on 40 meter. He was working QRP 5 watt with an indoor antenna. See photo. That’s a nice stealth antenna.


  1. Hi Paul:
    So glad your XYL is in recovery, these are challenging times, my XYL too is about to undergo some tests - it must be the time of life we reach, very worrying.

    Keep up the good work Paul

    73' Peter

  2. Hi Peter, I guess it is. But I hope the tests will turn out good for your XYL. Good luck, 73 Paul

  3. Paul, happy to read that your XYL did well with her surgery. Paul hope your XYL's tests prove favorable.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Memories of the family together at the dinner table. Good conversation and conviviality. One holiday that doesn't require visits to the mall for gift-buying.

    Everyone brought something for the dinner table.

    73 Dick

  4. Good morning Paul, that is fantastic news about your wife!! I did not know that you used an indoor antenna but it looks good and seems to work great. I was trying to figure out what is it a type of fan dipole?? As for Canada we celebrate it in October and in the States it's done in November. So our celebration was last month.

  5. Hallo Paul, dat is goed nieuws. Hoop dat het herstellen snel gaat. 73, Bas

  6. Hi Paul,
    Great news about your wife.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Jim - W2KLM

  7. Hi Dick, thank you. I hope she will be at home again tomorrow or Saturday. 73 Paul

  8. Hallo Bas, ik hoop het ook. Gisteren en vanmorgen had ze nog een slechte dag. Veel pijn etc. Vanmiddag ging het al wat beter. 73 Paul

  9. Hi Jim, thank you! Have a nice Thanksgiving too. 73 Paul

  10. Hallo Paul,

    Geweldig goed nieuws dat alles goed verlopen is.
    Hopelijk dat ze weer snel naar huis mag.
    Veel sterkte jullie.
    73 de Hans,

  11. ct1drb - David Quental11/25/2011

    Hello Paul,

    I am really happy that your wife had a successful surgery, at least you and your family are much more relief than some time ago.

    Best 73 es till next news.

    David Quental

  12. Hallo Hans, dank je, ze mag vandaag waarschijnlijk met ontslag uit het ziekenhuis. 73 Paul

  13. Hello David, sure it's a big relief. Today she will leave the hospital. 73 Paul

  14. Paul, very glad to hear the good news about your XYL. Wishing you both all the best from this side of the Atlantic.

    73, Jeff KE9V

  15. @KE9V: Hi Jeff, thank you. 73 Paul


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