Tuesday, October 11, 2011

QRP thoughts

Results WSPR on 160 meter this morning.

I am easily tempted to use more power than needed. They don’t hear me with 5 watt? I crank up the power to 20 or 40 watt. But more and more I found out that it has seldom to do with power to be heard. Antenna and propagation is more important. A dose of luck is maybe needed, or the effort of the opposite station to pull the signal out of the noise. But more power? I don’t know. I don’t have to convince my QRP friends that it is more satisfying to accomplish a QRP qso. It's just so.

Now with my new antenna, the MV-5+3 multiband vertical, I can work easily QRP without any problems, when I compare it with the Falcon 250B vertical. It was hard to be heard with QRP when using the Falcon; I think the efficiency was poor. The MV-5+3 is quieter than the End Fed Wire, 12 db. The SNR is very good of the Sand Piper MV-5+3.

Back to power. From now on I decide to use 5 watt power or less for all modes. I just worked RV9JR (4200 km) with 5 watt bpsk31 on 20 meter. I add the /QRP to my call sign, I think they are willing to work a QRP station more than just another PA station. A QRP station is much more special I think.


  1. Couldn't agree more! That new antenna is really working great. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Paul:
    I often got frustrated with qrp/psk 5w, I often put it down to my callsign "G", also some just too lazy to bother with a weaker trace on the screen ? It does not take long to exchange details and complete a qso - thats why I initially got the FT450 for digital working so I just had a "Little" bit extra power 18 - 25w is great, I am interested in the sandpiper vertical you have Paul - for a small antenna you seem to having good results with it, I might consider this to use with my FT450 for digi - would be interested to know how it performs on all the other bands Paul.

    Good Luck.


  3. Good morning Paul, now and then I have "cranked" the power up here to a whole 20m watts. That is very seldom and I find that most of the times I can get past with 5 watts or less. The time I find QRP really works for me is during contests. It is at this time that most stations are really listening for signals. I find this is the time I get my best QRP results.....not much of a QSO though.

  4. Paul, als je /QRP achter je callsign zet denk er dan wel om dat je een 2e account bij eQSL voor die call maakt. Ik merk wel vaker dat /QRP stations dat niet doen en dan ook geen QSO bevestigd krijgen. Daarnaast krijg je dan ook een beetje een scheiding van wat je QRO en QRP werkt. Een enkele keer denk ik dat meer dan 5W uitmaakt in digitale modes, maar over het algemeen is het niet nodig om meer vermogen te maken. Net wat je zegt, een goed antenne en propagatie is het belangrijkst. De Sandpiper schijnt het goed te doen.....dat hij beter is dan de CH250 met zijn verliesgevende 1:10 balun sta ik niet van te kijken. Het verschil bij mij tussen de GPA met 1:9 balun en de antenne die ik nu gebruik met autotuner is ook groot. 73, Bas

  5. Hi Dick, the antenna works fine, but now propagation is also very good. I'll have to wait till Solar Flux is going down. What will it do then? 73 Paul

  6. Hi Peter, the difference between 5 watt and 20 watt is very small. That is about 5 db ( 1 S-point) So it should almost no difference. Could it be a psychological thing? The Sandpiper works fine so far on all bands. 40 up to 6 meter. For 40-30 and 20 meter I placed a counterpoise. The price was also nice; it cost me 138 euro. When I compare it with prices of other antennas then it is a nice price. The Falcon 250B was 285 euro. 73 Paul

  7. Hi Mike, the same as with Peter, between 5 watt and 20 watt is about 5 db or 1 S-point, it should makes no difference. When I can't work with 5 watt, then I turn off the rig and do other things. ;-) Indeed, with contests they listen better because they need points. Hi. 73 Paul

  8. Hallo Bas, dat is een hele goeie tip van jou, daar heb ik nooit aan gedacht. Ik heb nu een /qrp account aangemaakt en verdomd er zaten er al 25 eQSL's in. Bedankt voor deze tip. Inderdaad, het verschil tussen de Sandpiper en de Falcon is hemelsbreed. Ik ben wel benieuwd wat ie doet als de propagatie / SF minder is. We hebben nu wel erg goede condities. 73 Paul

  9. I think from 5W to 20W is actually 6dB, since you double twice. That is a significant jump, sounds about like double the volume to the ear. It's the typical gain of say a 3-element yagi or a 2-el. quad.

  10. Hi Casey, right 6 db = 1 S-point. For the ear it's another story. When you double with factor 10 than sound sounds twice as hard. So 5 watt to 50 watt, sounds twice as loud. But 10 db = almost 2 S-points. With digi mode it makes almost no difference if I am S9 or S7. But when I am with 5 watt S2, than he will not hear me. 73 Paul

  11. Anonymous10/11/2011

    /QRP is geen goedgekeurde toevoeging aan de suffix. /J (Jota) en /AM (Air Mobile) zijn dat bijv. wel.

  12. Hallo Ron, misschien, maar het wordt alom gebruikt. 73 Paul


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