Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lonely feeling

Today something strange happens on 40 meter. After I leave 10 meter, because it was too crowded, I was going down HF. Finally I came on 40 meter with bpsk31. The band was empty. No activity at all. Everybody is on 10 meter band I suppose. But I gave a CQ call on 40 meter with bpsk31. After a few calls I saw on my waterfall display 3 stations who also gave CQ . It was as if I gave a sign that it was right too transmit on 40 meter. But the four of us were calling CQ without the intention to reply on each other CQ call. It gives me a strange lonely feeling. I can’t imagine that they didn’t see the sign on their waterfall. What are they looking for, probably DX, I don’t know. After 10 minutes a G station came back on my call. I saw a trace on ‘my frequency’ after my CQ call, so I called QRZ. He only gave his call. I transmitted my macro 1 (you know name, QTH, etc) After that he transmitted in return: “PC4T Paul Tnx for very nice Qso on 40m hope to see you on other bands and modes later Best 73 to you and your family, Qsl via Eqsl Paul good luck and good DX Digi PSK31 qso 1410 PC4T de G.....” I knew his name, but he didn’t tell me, maybe he got the final macro, I don’t know. It was a very strange and short QSO on 40 meter. Anyway, I can always look up the necessary data at QRZ.com.

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  1. Hi Paul:
    Yes 10m was very busy today again I did not work anyone today but listened - early in the morning I heard several JA's and a VK3 who was a GOOD 5/7 here he called CQ twice (no takers) I wished I'd called him then - after his 3rd call he had a mini pile-up and was buried :-).
    I also had a "Phantom" QSO using Ros last year - but it was an "EA" with the same last two characters in the call - a mistake, it happens !
    I will be listening on 10m tomorrow - if I am not too lazy I might work some CW Hi...!
    BTW the MV5+3 arrived today but did not get the chance to assemble it, I will be doing a post on it later - hope to have a look tomorrow.

    73' Peter


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