Monday, October 17, 2011

FM on 10 meter

Today I made my first FM qso on 10 meter with UA4FUT Alex from Penza, Russia. I did hear more station such as RY3D, UA6YIM and UA3PAA. But they didn't hear me, they were using about 200 -500 watts FM.

09.45 UTC I worked TA1AT on 29.510 MHz with FM.

10.00 UTC I worked YO4PX on 29.660 MHz with FM.

A new DXCC no: 101 United Arab Emirates, A61AM with FM on 29.482 MHz. I like the sound of FM on 10 meter. I got a 59 + 20 db in Fuijarah. It sounds like VHF. Very funny. Maybe later on today I can pick up some AM stations like Roger G3XBM reported on his blog. At 11.50 I worked UA3PQ with FM on 29.282 MHz. Also 5B4ES from Cyprus.

The kids are having vacation this week, so that means: loud music in the house, TV games, WII, youngest son who is playing the drums, etc. You can understand that it will be difficult to make QSO's because I have the shack in the living...


  1. Hi Paul
    Thats funny I heard him too during the morning but chose not to work - I assume it was on your new vertical - I have just purchased it too (MA5+3) did you have any troubles setting it up I wonder? I want it run Digi/Wspr from my garage using my FT817 - I liked it because its compact - I am not expecting too much on 30/40m though, I would be interested in you report on it.

    Thanks de Peter

  2. Hi Peter, setting is a bit trial and error. You have to set the right length of the 'radials' I discovered that the screws are not solid state. Now I have used strong one second lime to fix the parts after tuning the right length. The antenna works fine on 30 meter (Australia/new Zealand WSPR) 40 meter also not bad, but I have to do more tests. I made for 40-30 and 20 meter extra counterpoises. 73 Paul

  3. Thanks Paul - I hope to have it tomorrow so we will see, I have an antenna analyzer so should be easier to set up - wonder if your extra counterpoises altered the swr on other bands ? seems like I might need some extra screws too ! I also have just been informed my long awaited 60' mast is on it's way - Wow, should get some performance with the extra height.

    Will let you know how I do with the MV5+3.

    Cheers for now Peter

  4. Hi Peter, the SWR was already very good, but I hope that the radiation angle will be improved by using counterpoises. Good luck with new mast. I am curious what your result will be. 73 Paul

  5. Hallo Paul, wist niet dat de condities zo goed waren. Tjonge, FM DX doet me denken aan heel lang geleden een QSO met Paramaribo op FM 11 Mtr. Zo ie zo deed ik alle DX toen op FM, een andere mode had ik niet. Kan me alleen niet meer heugen dat ik de afgelopen 10 jaar FM heb gedaan buiten wat 27MC om dan. Gefeliciteerd met de nieuwe DXCC. 73, Bas

  6. Hallo Bas, de condities zijn weer erg leuk op 10 meter. En dan waren we 1 jaar geleden nog bang dat de zon het had begeven. Zo zie je maar. 73 Paul

  7. Hi Paul,

    Yes, conditions are good. I was on 10m FM yesterday, for the first time after many years. It does sound good. I worked some Italian stations and one from Oman. Heard many more. I was using a 52cm-diameter magnetic loop, so I was very happy with the results.


  8. Hi Sivan, as I said, I have never worked with FM before on 10 meter. Magnetic Loops are pretty neat antennas. 73 Paul

  9. Leuk, FM op 10M.

    Maak van "DCXX" even "DXCC".

    73, Tjeerd


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