Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally Dick F8WBD on 20 m

Finally I could work Dick F8WBD (N2UGB) for the first time since we are blogging for a few years now. I had the feeling I could work Dick today. I kept my eyes on Reverse Beacon Network and regular I push F5 to refresh the page. Bingo! I saw Dick was qrv on 14012 KHz. I tuned to that frequency... nothing. A few minutes later he was QRV on 14031 KHz. Yes, I heard him and called. But Dick was already gone. Maybe when I was calling CQ on 14060 KHZ he can hear me... he was going up the 20 meter band, but I came across CN8GL Kamir near Rabat and we made a two way QRP qso. After that qso I saw Dick was having a qso with F6CZC 2 KHz lower. So I listen out the qso and called him. Yes, finally successful. Dick´s signal was really 599 here. I recordered the first part of the qso, my side tone is soft, sorry for that. First I was running 10 watts, and later on I reduced my power to 5 watts and still I was 599. It is always nice to meet a fellow blogger on the air. I worked Bas PE4BAS several times now, and I worked Julian G4ILO once. Also M6RDP Adam. So we made a nice qso and it was good to have a CW qso with Dick from Benodet, France.

WSPR 10 meter this afternoon


  1. Great job. Paul. I hope to make a CN contact someday. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, thanks for the nice qso on 20 m. CN was very strong here this morning. All signals on the higher bands are great the last few days. I put the mp3 on a Youtube 'movie'. 73 Paul

  3. Mooi werk Paul, zo zie je maar weer uiteindelijk lukt het wel. 73, Bas


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